Ask The Right Questions

#1 Company
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#2 Company #3 Company
General Questions
Is your company insured? YES    
Do you have at least 1 million dollars in coverage? YES    
Are you members of the BBB? YES    
Will the BBB help us if we can't resolve an issue? YES    
Is your record with the BBB in good standing? YES    
Have you been in business at least a decade? YES    
Are you certified to pull permits? YES    
Do you warrant defects in workmanship? YES    
Is the warranty in writing? YES    
Can you estimate long the install will take? YES    
Do you own the materials you install? YES    
Questions for Wood Fencing
Has your company ever represented china fir as cedar? NO    
Has your company ever installed china fir? NO    
Has your company ever installed spruce? NO    
Do you require a deposit for wood fencing NO