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Should I stay home during the fence installation?

We recommend you follow your normal routine during the installation of your new fence. Our crews are extremely trustworthy and work proficiently at their trade.

Any change orders that arise during the installation will have to go through the salesman as the crews are prohibited from deviating from their written scope of work.

What are the normal and expectable features of wood?

Mother nature has included the following in natural wood:

  • Checking: This is a small crack that can occur in the boards, rails or post, and is not considered defective.
  • Shrinking: All wood can be expected to shrink; most common boards may shrink as much as 8%. Shrinking is not defective.
  • Warping: This is a natural process of wood. It is impossible to know which piece of lumber may warp. Warping is not defective.

Is it normal to have different shades of color in cedar pickets?

Absolutely. Wood is not a manufactured product like steel or vinyl, it is made by Mother Nature and subject to natural conditions such as various shades of color and hue. This is to be expected and not considered a defect.

Does Missouri City Fence locate the underground utilities?

We will notify Texas One Call of our plans to install your fence which should cover any public utilities .You are responsible for informing and clearly marking private utilities such as sprinkler, propane gas ,swimming pool lines and the like.

Does Missouri City Fence locate property pins and install the fence on the property line?

No. Our expertise is fence installation.  We put the fence back where it was originally located unless instructed by you to install the fence in a different location.

If you have concerns about the location of the property lines we recommend that you contract a survey company to locate and clearly mark the pins and establish the location of the property lines.

Should I notify the neighbors that the fence is being replaced?

Yes, notifying the neighbors will aid them in making arrangements such as containing pets, or removing anything they may have attached to the opposite side of your fence. Please inform them that: items not removed by them (such as lattice work or electrical boxes) may be unknowingly damaged or disposed of with the removal of the old fence. Any loose pets are subject to being lovingly adopted by our main office.

If the neighbors are sharing the cost of the fence, who collects from them?

You do. Our agreement is with you for the total amount on the contract.

Does the crew trim tree limbs or bushes in the way of the fence?

We ask that you handle this prior to installation so that we can build the fence free of any obstructions. Our fence crews are experts at fences and have limited knowledge of proper trimming & pruning practices. Any excessive trimming done by us the day of the install will be subject to an additional charge. Any Trimming done by us the day of the install will likely be done with a machete using the hack and whack method. Disposal of debris from such trimming will be the responsibility of the customer as mixing even a small amount of such trimmings with the old fence constitutes a mixed load: which can double our cost at the landfill.

Does the fence crew dig out all of the old posts and footings?

Typically all corner, gate and terminal posts will be completely dug out as they are often placed in the same exact spot. It is standard practice and within AFA industry guidelines to cut line posts below the grade and re-space the new posts. This eliminates wash out holes under your new fence and makes for a stronger line post installation as the earth immediately around the footing has not been loosened by fresh excavation. If desired, line posts can be completely dug out for an additional charge.

Will you remove and reinstall items attached to my fence such as lattice, equipment boxes, hanging post etc?

We ask that you handle the removal and reinstating of all such items.

What is the scheduling process?

Your install will be placed on our schedule in a chronological order upon execution of your contract.  The start date could vary from one to three weeks depending on the scope of the project, availability of materials, our current work load, and the weather.

Will there be any open space under the fence?

You will notice that most fences are installed an inch or two above grade. This helps maintain natural drainage, depending on the grade of your yard. Your fence may: in some places be in direct contact with the ground and in other places be several inches above ground. This is especially noticeable when a baseboard is installed.

Will my new Missouri City Fence fence come with a written a warranty?

Yes, you will receive a limited warranty in writing covering defects in workmanship for a period of 1 to 20 years depending on the fence and products installed.
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Does your company ever float materials? (IE. pay their suppliers after they have been paid by you)

No. Most people are surprised to find out: if the company you pay to install your fence defaults on its accounts to its suppliers: the supplier could file a lean against the property where the materials were installed and you could end up paying twice for your fence.

Missouri City Fence pays for all materials before they are installed, Suppliers refer to this as a cash account, in the fencing industry cash accounts are held in higher regard and given deeper discounts on materials.

Are you insured?


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